Our Guild Progression

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Our Guild Progression

Post by Goyim on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:53 am

Our Guild progression what we had on respective Expansion

EN20M 3/7
EN10-30HC Clear
EN10-30N Clear

Warlords of Draenor
HM10-30N Clear
HM10-30HC Clear
HM20M Clear
BRF10-30N Clear
BRF10-30HC Clear
BRF20M Clear
HFC10-30N Clear
HFC10-30HC Clear
HFC20M Clear

Pre-Patch before release of WoD:
ToT10H 11/13
SoO10M 8/14  
With little to no raiding with SoO Mythic, we managed to get a spot in top 100.
Rank 67 on 10m raiding and 75 on 25m+10m

Mist Of Pandaria
MSV10N Clear
MSV10H Clear
HoF10N Clear
HoF10H Clear
ToES10N Clear
ToES10H Clear
ToT10N Clear
ToT10H 3/13
SoO10N Clear
SoO10H 3/14 (mythic)

BoT10N Clear
BWD10N Clear
ToT4W10N Clear
FL10N 6/7
FL10H 6/7
DS10N Clear
DS10H 6/8

ICC10N Clear
ICC10H LK HC 23%
RS10N Clear
RS10H Clear
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