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What we are about

Post by Goyim on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:36 am

About Megalomania

We are a guild that aims for having a good guild atmosphere and at the same time getting as much progression as we can get out of our raids. We want people to enjoy their raids as good as they enjoy the guild-community and not be another raiding guild where people’s vocabulary are restricted to “hi”, “I need that item” and “thanks for the raid, goodbye”.

We personally take a serious attitude towards raiding, however we raid only 2 to 3 days in a week, depending on progress. We aim to set up our raids to get the best possible chance on un-killed bosses, while giving our more casual people a chance to raid when we have defeated those bosses.
Although I wish to stress that we are not a hardcore guild. We do want to get as much of raiding experience as possible and excel as most as possible, but not at the cost of our personal lives.

We also welcome inexperienced players in our guild to help and “train” them so that they become contributing members in our guild. We have no problem explaining tactics and answering questions, no matter what those questions are.  We are very aware and sadden about the fact that some guilds only look at experience and gear, rather than to look at the gaming skills of that person and help him become experienced.
However we do expect that our members that wish to raid to show commitment to our guild, willing and able to learn, contribute to the guild as a whole and not to be a complete idiot.
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